Sunday, 21 March 2021

Predictions for possible Holland Line (HLL)

 This is a prediction for a potential HLL, which connects Tengah New Town to the city centre and eases crowds on the EWL and DTL, based on this map.

HL1 Tengah West

HL2 Tengah

HL3 Bukit Batok Hillside

HL4 Bukit Batok

HL5 Bukit Batok East

HL6 Toh Tuck

HL7 Clementi North

HL8 Sunset
This can be a potential interchange with CRL.

HL9 Pandan Valley

HL10 Jelita

HL11 Holland Village

HL12 Holland Park

HL13 Dempsey

HL14 Napier

HL15 Paterson

HL16 Great World and HL17 Killiney

HL18 Fort Canning

HL19 Bayfront

HL20 Marina South

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