Friday, 3 June 2016

Urban Walk May 2016

Firstly, I alighted at Tanjong Pagar Station where Tanjong Pagar Centre was directly above. It seems that Clermont Singapore (shorter tower) is almost completed while Guoco Tower has officially become the tallest building of Singapore after thirty years since the completion of One Raffles Place. The tower cranes have already been removed and Guoco Tower still needs cladding at its top few levels.

Clermont Singapore is a five-star luxury business hotel. Guoco Tower consists of Grade A offices for its first 38 storeys and from 180 m to 290 m will be Clermont Residences, which will comprise of Singapore's highest residential units.
The podium does not look ready yet so we will have to wait till the end of the year before it is ready. It should open by early 2017.

 Not far from Tanjong Pagar Centre is PS100. It was opened not long ago. It is a stylish SOHO development and is nicknamed  'The Green Tower'. It is a 27 storey tall business hotel.
The hotel in it is known as Oasia Downtown.

 Next we have Amara Hotel.

 This is Union Building located along Tras Street opposite Amara Hotel. It seems that it has been there for a long time.

From this, we can see Abi Plaza in the centre. The brown and white building with the red logo is known as Genting Centre. The one on the left is OAC Building.

This is Realty Centre along Enggor Street. It is also an old building.

Right in the middle is St. Andrew's Centre. The tall building behind it is Tower Fifteen and on their right is Keppel Towers.

 Fuji Xerox Tower, the former IBM building. Built in 1987.

 This is Anson House.
 This is Lippo Centre, a skyscraper located closer to the south of the skyline. Built in 1990.

This is M Hotel, a 29 storey tall hotel along Anson Road. Built in 1985.
This is Hub Synergy Point, formerly Apex Tower. It has been around since 1973. You might not have known as it is usually not shown in 70s photos.
We have 79 Shenton Way.
This is Mapletree Anson, built in 2009.

Altez and Skysuites @ Anson. They are the highest condominiums in Singapore upon completion in 2014. Both stand at 250 m tall and are going to be succeeded by Clermont Residences as the highest condominium in Singapore.

This is EON Shenton. It was built on the site of the demolished Marina House. It should by ready by 2017.

76 Shenton, a residential development completed in 2014. It was built on the site of the former Ong Building.

A shot of Bestway Building, the former Singapore Polytechnic before it is gone. It will be demolished to make way for Prince Edward MRT Station.

One the left we have MAS Building. In the middle is Springleaf Tower and on the right is International Plaza.

V On Shenton, a mixed development to be ready in 2017. It was previously the UIC Building, which went through difficult demolition.
This is AXA Tower, formerly known as Temasek Tower. It is the world's very first cylindrical building upon its completion in 1986. It stands at 235 m tall.
Looks like DBS Tower 1 is going to be re-clad for the new OUE Downtown. It is going to be tough renovating this former tallest building at 201 m tall.
Capital Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. It was built in 2000.
This was the former site of Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre. It is now going to be replaced by a towering skyscraper known as Frasers Tower. It is expected to be completed in 2018.
This is SBF Centre. Looks like it has been completed ahead of schedule. It was expected to be completed in 2017.

We can see The Clift, Bangkok Bank Building and Tokio Marine Centre.
This is Oxley Tower, a commercial development with a swimming pool. It was built on the site of the former The Corporate Office. It would be ready in 2017.
There is a link bridge between Oxley Tower and Parakou Building.

On the left we have Oxley Tower. In the middle we have SBF Centre and on the right we have GB Building.

We can see the modern facade of the UIC Tower of V On Shenton and the new podium of OUE Downtown below.
Looks like the residential development, Cecil Suites has been cancelled. These two building, formerly Aviva Building and Cecil House were supposed to be demolished to make way for it. Both have been renovated. Aviva Building is now Heng Da Building and Cecil house is now DB2Land Building.

This is the Octagon, probably one of the few tall octagonal buildings in the world.
This is Tong Eng Building, built in the 70s.
From left to right: The Octagon, Keck Seng Tower, MYP Plaza, Heng Da Building, DB2Land Building, Tung Ann Association Building, GB Building, SBF Centre and Capital Tower.
We can see the newly completed eco building CapitaGreen, standing at 242 m. Beside it is City House.
This is the former Equity Plaza. It is being re-clad and will be the new GSH Plaza upon completion. It would be waste to demolish it. It was built in the 90s. Re-clading would definitely save time and money.
Robinson Towers is going to be redeveloped into a skyscraper. It is targeted to be completed in 2018. It should start rising by the end of the year.
We can see Lau Pa Sat, Asia Square, One Shenton, SGX Centre and Robinson Point from here.

In the centre you can see the newly completed Robinson Suites at 42 storeys tall. It was formerly the VTB Building.
New site development? I'm excited.

Marina Bay Financial Centre, a complex finished in 2012.
This is Asian Square Tower 1, built in 2011.
This is Marina One, a complex that is going to be completed in 2017.

This is going to be a site of a very tall skyscraper, possibly the next tallest building. I have seen teasers of it. I hope it will be built.

We can see the construction of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre as well as EON Shenton in the distance.

A few shots of Pearl's Centre before it is gone forever.

Seems like this old and mysterious HDB block has been converted into a hostel known as yo:HA @ Pearl's Hill.

This is People's Park Complex.

You can see this small building on Pearl's Hill.

Some pictures of  the abandoned CID Building.

This is the former building of Pearl's Hill Police Operational Headquarters.

We can see the skyline from Pearl's Hill.

This is Pearl Bank Apartments, a residential tower built in 1976. It has gone through en bloc three times and is probably going to be upgraded.

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