Monday, 28 March 2016

About 88URAnus88

Sorry for adding this now. I forgot to add this when I created the blog. I will not reveal to anyone my real name, age, occupation and address.

Gender: Male
Religion: Christianity (Not a religion but a way of life to me)
Interests: Transport, urban development, photography, photo editing and videography
Favourite Music Genres: I like New Wave the most, a kind of rock music which originated from 70s punk but are calmer and pop-like. I also enjoy Synthpop, Dance-pop, Disco, Soul and Jazz.
Favourite Musicians: I am a fan of classic songs mostly from the 50s to the 90s. I prefer vocalists with deeper voices such as Rick Astley and Nat King Cole. I am also a fan of popular bands like Tears for Fears, ABBA, Bee Gees and The Beatles.
Favourite MRT Station: Stadium. It looks very futuristic and has a unique design.
Favourite Building: I don't know its name and it is not even built. It is located directly in front of The Lawn @ Marina Bay and along Central Boulevard. It has glass facade and is probably 280 metres tall. I have seen it in different pictures and they are trying to tell me that it would be built. I hope so.

All personal comments will not be entertained but will be deleted as soon as possible.